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【华体会最新】上帝与科技的恩赐 谷歌风靡的七宗罪

本文摘要:Google is a godsend for all of us, from those who stutter and stumble through life to even the most knowledgeable of folks looking to confirm their facts and figures.谷歌(Google)是上天给我们所有人的恩赐。有了它,无论文化程度强弱,都可以在谷歌上理解自己不懂的东西。


Google is a godsend for all of us, from those who stutter and stumble through life to even the most knowledgeable of folks looking to confirm their facts and figures.谷歌(Google)是上天给我们所有人的恩赐。有了它,无论文化程度强弱,都可以在谷歌上理解自己不懂的东西。

A well-placed nugget of information courtesy of Google GOOG 0.22% (or Yahoo, sure, or Bing, but come on—you use Google) can prepare you for a challenging conversation or nervy meeting, and it can display for you, stripped bare, any person’s minor errors and major accomplishments.如果讲求谷歌获取的科学知识宝库【当然还有雅虎(Yahoo),或者合于(Bing),但是比起于谷歌,你不懂的】,你就能从容应对一次有挑战的谈话或会议。但同时谷歌的“人肉”能力也不会把你剥得干干净净,展出在人前,无论你有多小的错误或太大的成就。俗话说,能力越大,责任越大,但是谷歌有的时候也不会把我们谓之上邪路。就在本周,《纽约》(New York)杂志写到,拒绝接受用谷歌“大约炮”早已构成了一场“新的禁欲主义活动”。

下面遵所列过分倚赖谷歌所造成的“七宗罪”。But with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes Google leads us astray. Just this week, New York magazine wrote that resisting from Googling a potential date is “the new abstinence.” Here are the seven deadly sins that come along with relying too heavily on the G-force.自私:对科学知识的渴望造成受罚Greed: When your thirst for knowledge leads to errors人们经常说道,机会总是注目有打算的人,然而《财富》杂志(Fortune)总编辑苏安迪却因为打算得过于充份而不吃了个大亏。当时他于是以与雪佛龙(Chevron)公司的CEO约翰o沃特森一起用餐,苏安迪问沃特森在圣迪亚哥教士队的董事会中扮演着了怎样的角色。


They say fortune favors the well prepared, but whenFortune managing editor Andy Serwer sat down to dinner with Chevron CVX -0.43% CEO John Watson, preparation backfired. Serwer asked Watson about his position on the board of the San Diego Padres, a factoid he’d picked up doing pre-dinner research on Wikipedia, a page he had been directed to through The Big G. Turns out that’s another John Watson. Oops.沃特森的植物种立刻去查出了这个消息的完整来源,现在维基百科上的这个词条早已被改动了过来。但在《财富》杂志社却一直有一种淡淡的憎恨感觉挥之不去。


Watson’s team at Chevron has hunted down the original source and the Wiki entry has since been changed, but here at Fortune, a vague feeling of betrayal lingers in the air. After all, where would reporters be without Google? But Google gives preference to Wikipedia, and Wiki now hath poisoned our trust. Or at least Serwer’s.暴食:告诉得过于多了Gluttony: When you gather too much information有时,大家可能会胡言乱语眼看谷歌任何东西,比如你的朋友、你的老板、你老板的小三、你老板的老板、你朋友的老板的小三的老板的狗(并不是说道我们知道这样做到过)……有时你期望理解的事情不一定是你必须告诉的,有时有些事情你本不应告诉,但一旦告诉了又忘不掉。这就是所谓的“信息消化不良”。比如《财富》的一个实习生曾多次在谷歌里“人肉”很多人的名字,最后居然找到他一个大学同学的父亲是个注册立案的性侵犯者。

Sometimes, you might go on a rampage and Google everything. Your friends. Your boss. Your boss’s significant other. Their boss. Your friend’s boss’s significant other’s boss’s dog (not that we’ve ever done such a thing). Sometimes you learn things you really didn’t need to know—things you, perhaps, shouldn’t know, but can never quite forget. It’s TMI. It’s a little like the time a Fortune summer intern started to dump names into the Googlesphere only to find out that a college friend’s father was a registered sex offender.色欲:网络激情洪水泛滥Lust: When researching a romantic interest gets creepy如果你还单身的话,那么大多数时候,你抱着了解别人的目的上谷歌,认同是为了腊一些羞羞的事。比如可怕在Facebook上看异性的照片,一条一条地查阅十来页的搜寻结果,或是偷窥一下别人的Instagram账户(如果是公开发表的)。但是如果你知道递了好运,与你搜到的网友见了面,你又不会遇上一个两难问题:当对方告诉他你她的一些隐私时,你是该假装吃惊,还是否认你早已告诉了?因为在谷歌的协助下,你早已告诉了她的大学校友,她讨厌的颜色,她的家庭住址,她家车库门口的小路砖的是什么样的石子(这要感激街景地图)……我们继续说道到这儿。

Sloth: When you lazily rely on the opinions of others懒散:丧失自律思维的能力Sometimes Google impressions trump first impressions. In a piece on Match.com, author Steve Friedman writes that he once went out with a sex-columnist who decided to cancel their second date after her post-date Google search turned up some of his articles, even though she thought he was sweet and funny in person.有时谷歌带来你的印象不会击败你的第一印象。比如作家史蒂夫o弗里德曼在Match.com的一篇文章中写到,他有次与一名两性专栏作家一起约会,后来那位女作家第二天在网上搜寻了一下弗里德曼的文章,就中止了他们原订好的第二次约会——尽管她原本实在他本人十分诙谐体贴。

Worse yet, sometimes there is no chance for a first impression. People are relying more and more on online reviews, and as a result, companies or products with low reviews or simply not a large total of reviews don’t get business. Michael Luca, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, released a 2011 working paper that found that a one-star increase on Yelp leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue for restaurants. But what happens to new restaurants that haven’t been reviewed much yet, or restaurants that hire a new chef and up their game? Sometimes, there’s more to reality than what Google can tell you.更加差劲的是,有时候你显然没时间来构成第一印象。现在人们早已更加倚赖在线评论,因此那些正面评价较少的产品或者意味着是总体评价不多的企业或产品就不会没有做生意。哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)副教授迈克尔o卢卡2011年公开发表的一篇论文称之为,一家餐馆在评论网站Yelp上的名列每减少一颗星,收益就不会提升5%到9%。但是如果一家原设的餐馆评价还不多,或者是那些餐馆换回了大厨,否也不有一点去尝一尝呢?有些时候,有些事实是谷歌无法告诉他你的。

Wrath: When you tamper with Google results激怒:当权者歌搜寻结果Wikipedia is notorious for allowing users to change the text—and, what do you know?—sometimes they do it to suit their own purposes. After Chile beat Spain two-nil in this year’s World Cup, the Wikipedia entry for the Chile National Soccer Team’s page was changed to say, “Dear Spain, LOL. Say bye to the World Cup…… From Chile.” Or take the change from mid-May, when the New York Rangers came back from a 3-1 series deficit against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. A few days later, the Pens’ Wiki page listed the Rangers as the owner of the team. Malicious, yet creative.维基最知名的一点是容许用户改动词条,有些时候人们不会出于个人意图对词条展开胡乱改动。本届世界杯智利2:1战胜西班牙以后,维基百科上智利足球国家队的主页被改为了:“亲爱的西班牙,哈哈哈,跟世界杯说道妳吧——智利。”另一个例子是今年五月中旬的斯坦利杯季后赛期间,纽约游骑兵队以3:1领先匹兹堡企鹅队。几天后,维基百科的企鹅队页面资料表明,企鹅队的拥有者是游骑兵队。

虽然恶毒,但是被迫说道还一挺有创新。Envy: When you’re jealous of someone else’s Google results妒忌:闻不得别人“晒幸福”Social media can lead to envy. It can lead, possibly, to depression. In a 2013 study, University of Michigan researchers Ethan Kross and Philippe Verduyn texted people while they were using Facebook, and found that as time on Facebook increased, a person’s mood and overall satisfaction with their lives declined. In other words, Facebook can make you jealous. It can make you feel more alone than connected. Kross and Verduyn didn’t look at other social media networks, but it’s fair to say that looking through lists of other people’s accolades, impressive resumes, and social media clout can just as easily turn you green around the ears.社交媒体有可能造成妒忌,甚至有可能造成抑郁症。在2013年的一份研究中,密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的研究员伊森o克劳斯和菲利普o凡尔顿找到,随着人们花上在Facebook上的时间更加宽,他的情绪和对生活的总体满意度就不会上升。


Pride: When you expect other people to have Googled you刻薄:期望别人在谷歌上搜寻自己Sure, we live in a world where Googling someone has become more than common courtesy—it’s practically basic hygiene. Business meetings, dinner dates, job interviews: Google, Google, Google them. But when you sit down with someone and find out that theyhaven’t Googled you, and they have no idea who you are, what you’ve done? Painful. But it shouldn’t be.当然,当今社会,在谷歌上搜寻某个人的背景早已出了很长时间的事,就跟饭前要洗澡一样普通。无论是商务会议、请客吃饭、聘用打工,都要再行把对方在谷歌上“人肉”几遍。但是如果你和某个人躺在一起,找到对方显然没在谷歌上搜寻过你,他们也不告诉你是谁,你是什么感觉?估算不会有些伤自尊,但是几乎没有适当。

Fortune (and Fortune!) favors the bold. Mind your sins. Go forth and Google, sparingly.《财富》(和确实的财富)都讨厌大胆的人。小心这些“原罪”偶尔出来附身,但你几乎可以之后用于谷歌,只是要留意镇抚。