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全球创新企业50强 腾讯升至第12位-华体会最新

本文摘要:Innovation is an essential yet elusive ingredient in corporate success, and one that is notoriously difficult to measure.创意对于企业的顺利至关重要,但它往往难以实现,而且众所周知,它也很难取决于。


Innovation is an essential yet elusive ingredient in corporate success, and one that is notoriously difficult to measure.创意对于企业的顺利至关重要,但它往往难以实现,而且众所周知,它也很难取决于。But for the past decade, the Boston Consulting Group has picked up the challenge, publishing a ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world and an accompanying analysis of successful innovators. The 2015 ranking and report, published on Wednesday, shows the top two companies, Apple and Google, are the same pair as last year.但是在过去十年,波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)付出代价这项挑战,持续公布全球最不具创新力企业50强劲榜单,同时也对最顺利的创新者展开分析。周三公布的2015年榜单和报告表明,名列最靠前的两家公司,仍是去年高居榜首的苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)。

American corporations account for six of the top 10. In addition to Apple and Google, they are Tesla (ranked third), Microsoft (fourth), Gilead Sciences (eighth) and Amazon (ninth). But the company that has climbed the most since last year, up 35 places to the 12th spot, is the Chinese company Tencent.名列前十的公司,有六个都是美国公司。除了苹果和谷歌,还有特斯拉(Tesla,名列第三)、微软公司(Microsoft,第四)、吉利德科学(Gilead Sciences,第八)和亚马逊(Amazon,第九)。但和去年比起,名列下降最慢的是中国公司,它今年下降了35个位次,排名第12位。

Technology companies occupy the most slots at the top of the list, but car companies are a rising presence. Besides Tesla, the top auto innovators include Toyota (sixth), BMW (seventh) and Daimler (10th). The automotive ascent on the list has been evident for the last three years, said Andrew Taylor, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of the report.榜单顶端的方位大多被科技企业占有,但汽车厂商的名列正在下降。除了特斯拉,最不具创新力的汽车企业还有丰田(Toyota,第六)、宝马(BMW,第七)和戴姆勒(Daimler,第十)。波士顿咨询集团高级合伙人、同时也是这份报告联合作者的安德鲁·泰勒(Andrew Taylor)回应,过去三年,汽车企业名列下降非常明显。“Cars have become delivery systems for technology,” Mr. Taylor explained, including hybrid and electric power systems, driver-assisting safety features, heads-up displays and touch screens for entertainment and information. “The amount of consumer-facing technology is incredible compared with five years ago,” he added.“汽车早已沦为技术应用于的载体,”泰勒说明说道,比如混合动力和电力系统、安全性驾驶员辅助功能、平视显示器和用来获取娱乐和信息的触摸屏。

“比起于五年前,面向消费者的技术数量之多,让人难以置信,”他接着说道。The rankings are determined largely by a survey of 1,500 chief executives and senior executives worldwide. They are asked what companies in their own industry and in general they consider most innovative. They can’t name their own company. The rest of the ranking formula, 40 percent, is based on a company’s total return to shareholders over five years.这些名列主要基于对全球1500名企业首席执行官和高管展开的问卷调查。他们必须问在自己所在领域,以及在普遍意义上,哪些企业最不具创新力,还必须将自己所在企业回避独自。

剩下40%的名列依据是各企业在过去五年的股东权益总回报率。But the ranking questions are only a few of the dozens included in the annual survey. The Boston Consulting Group report is grounded mainly in answers to the wider set of responses, supplemented by the management consultant’s other research.但有关名列的问题,只是这个年度问卷中经常出现的几十个问题中的少数。波士顿咨询集团的报告主要是基于高管们针对更加普遍问题的问,然后再行融合该咨询公司的其他研究。Reading the report, two themes seem most prominent: speed and technology. The executives were asked which of more than a dozen “areas of innovation, research and development or product development will have the most impact on your industry over the next three to five years?” The top three choices were “speed of adopting new technology,” “big-data analytics” and “technology platforms.”这份报告或许有两个尤为明显的主题:速度和技术。

高管们被问及,在所所列的十多个“创意、研发或产品开发领域中,哪一个不会在未来三五年对你所在行业产生仅次于影响?”被提及最少的前三个选项是“使用新技术的速度”、“大数据分析”和“技术平台”。In the survey and in follow-up interviews with executives, Mr. Taylor said, “The word that keeps coming up is speed” — accelerating traditional innovation processes to rapidly develop products and experiment with ideas.泰勒回应,在对高管们展开的问卷调查和先前专访中,“大大被提及的词是速度”——加快传统创意过程,以较慢研发产品和实践中新的点子。

Technology, Mr. Taylor noted, opens the door to faster innovation — as even industrial companies, for example, use sensors and software to build more intelligence and flexibility into their products. And techniques originally employed by software engineers, like agile programming and quickly building prototypes and testing them on customers, are being embraced in many industries. “It’s all about learning fast,” Mr. Taylor said.泰勒还认为,技术可以带给更慢的创意——比如,即使是工业公司,也可以利用传感器和软件使自己的产品更加智能、更加灵活性。而且,原本只有软件工程师用于的技术,如灵活编程、较慢建模和在消费者中展开测试,也于是以被很多行业使用。

“最重要的是较慢自学,”泰勒说道。However achieved, innovation seems to be increasingly valued by senior executives. This year, 79 percent replied that innovation was either their company’s top priority or among the top three. That is the highest percentage since the survey began in 2005, when the innovation priority share was 66 percent.无论以什么方式构建,创意或许都更加被高管们重视。


在2005年,这个数字是66%。Have they just browbeaten by the term over the years, so that nearly everyone would say yes? That is not the explanation Mr. Taylor offered.是不是因为他们在过去数年被创意这个词给唬住了,所以完全所有人都给了认同的问?泰勒可不是这么说明的。Instead, he suggested that so many of the other steps to create higher corporate value — like acquisitions, cost-cutting and outsourcing, restructuring and financial engineering — have run their course at many major companies. “As the toolkit gets narrower, innovation rises to the top,” he said. And Wall Street investors, he added, bid up the shares of companies that produce strong organic growth through innovation, like Apple and Google.忽略,他回应,很多其他的建构更高企业价值的方法,比如并购、缩减成本、外包、重组和金融工程,都早已被很多大公司使用过。“当可选择的工具选项增加时,创意就一跃沦为选用,”他说道。